Roundtable Talkback — 9:15 am

Where we discuss the issues of ethics.

Sunday Traditional Service — 10:30 am

Our services are a weekly expression of gratitude to God, for being alive, for the lovely planet that we live on, and for the love we have been given to share. We gather in community with each other, to connect with a weekly discipline of learning about Jesus and the Bible. We pray, we sing, and we connect to the Holy Spirit of God.

First Sunday of the Month

The first Sunday of the month is when we serve Communion. We welcome everyone; all genders, divorced and not divorced, LGBTQ, all faiths. It is not a Presbyterian table, it is God’s table. Repeat: All are welcome.


Ted Godbout is our gifted Musical Director. He’s a fabulous pianist and a wonderful choir director. The choir meets from September to the end of May. We rehearse Wed. night at 7:00 p.m. in the summer we welcome guests to do featured musical spotlights.

Please come visit. No Strings attached. We look forward to seeing you!


**Please Remember: We Are An Almond-Free Building. Please make sure any food items you bring in have no almonds or almond extract. Thank you.