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Volunteers Invited

  • We  welcome volunteers for several ongoing projects. You don’t have to be a member of Shepherd of the Hill to volunteer with us. We have many friends from other churches, or from no churches at all, who come and join in the pleasant company of people at their best. Everyone who gives of themselves will feel great, knowing they make a difference.Call the church office, 952-448-3882 for details on this or any of the following.
  • Families Moving Forward is our primary mission. We host families that are homeless four times a year, to eat and sleep in our church for a week. Then they move to another church. Volunteers need to take a 90 minute training session, which is easy but important. We need 8 people per night, 2 to cook, 2 to serve, 2 to do activities with the kids and 2 to sleep overnight.
  • We need drivers for the Meals on Wheels program. Volunteers who have cars and like to drive can sign up for a regular shift. Others can sign up to do the leg work of taking the food into the recipients and giving the driver some company.
  • The Sower Gallery produces 4-6 showings a year. They love meeting new artists and anyone who wants to help. 
  • The Gardens at the church, both the prayer garden and the community garden, are always in need of those willing to get their hands dirty.