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The Habit of Generosity

Our tradition as Presbyterians is that we have a decentralized method of organizing. We are connected to other churches, but we do not have a central organization like the Roman Catholic Church.  We strive to give of our Time, our Talents, and our Treasure, to maintain our mission in the community.

Our Time is the work we do for the congregation and the community. That includes service, congregational life, and prayer. Our Talents include singing in the choir, playing instruments in the service, making and showing art, organizing the work of our Deacons, making food, visiting people, and prayer. Our Treasure is our tangible resources.

The Habit of Generosity is a way to see what we can do to commit to the work of the church. The offering plate is a tool used every week, it doesn’t really matter how much is put in it, what matters is that we put something in every time, so that we remember to be generous by habit in the rest of our lives.

The Discipline of Pledging is about deciding to make a written commitment to the church so that we can make plans in good and proper order.  An excellent first pledge is $1 a week. Once that is established, one can begin to order their financial life differently. Making sure to have something to give when going to church and make budgets for spending. It becomes easy to increase our pledge every year. The second year pledge is as simple as $2 a week.

The next step is to consider Tithing. Many cannot afford a full Tithe. Those who can, should consider doing so. There are steps to getting there from the $1 a week. You could do a half-tithe of 5% of your income; a quarter tithe is 2 1/2 %. This amount is the average of Catholics and Protestants throughout the faith.  It is also what Muslims commit to, and they usually do so. If your household is solvent, and your income comfortably above supporting you,  we would like you to consider making this commitment to our congregation.

When it comes to stewardship, pledges, and donations, the amount does not matter; the commitment matters. The sacrifice should not be onerous; think of pledging and giving in the light of “the pleasure of generosity” and a commitment to the Mission of our congregation; to bring God’s love into this love-starved world.